How to become a hit in the delivery industry with a Dunzo clone app?

Insights on how to develop an effective Dunzo clone app

Nowadays, people want everything delivered to them. They do not have the time to go out to stores and buy something they want. A few years back, only taxis, food, groceries, and other services were being delivered at the doorstep of the customer. An app called Dunzo was released a few years back, and they have delivery agents to buy anything the user wants from stores. Medicines, vegetables, meat, gifts, pet supplies, and more can be ordered. They are designed in such a way that they deliver almost everything.

Aspects that will make you a hit in the market:

There are various factors that will help you climb up the ladder in the on-demand market in a short span of time. A few of them are listed here:

User experience of the app:

The app should be efficient, and no technical glitches should be prevalent. Ensure that the user is able to navigate easily through the app and find the options easily.

On-time delivery of products:

The products or items ordered by the users should reach them on time. This will help you in retaining your customers. A large number of customers will lean towards your app if you provide good quality service on time.

Nominal prices:

Provide goods or other items at cheaper rates than other service providers to allure more customers.

Easy payments:

Make the payment process easier. No user will like a complicated payment system. Also, ensure that the payment gateway you are choosing is safe and secure. It should not track the banking details of the customers.

Reviews and ratings:

The user should be able to rate the delivery executive based on parameters such as the quality of product delivered, time taken to deliver it, and their attitude. This will help the service providers provide optimized services to their users.

Extensive features at affordable rates are what the entrepreneurs are expecting now. To satisfy their needs, the Dunzo clone app was launched in the market. It is cost-efficient and easily customizable.

Three attributes to increase the customer base for an app like Dunzo:

If you want to increase the number of customers in a short span of time, then you have to consider these three characteristics:

Launch your business in a single region:

Initially, when you set up an on-demand service like Dunzo, you should aim to launch it in a particular region. Do not start your service in multiple cities as it will be hard to manage initially. Choose a region of your choice and understand the interests and the mindset of the people who live there. Once your on-demand delivery brand is established in the market, you can expand the geographical region.

Advertisement marketing:

Before you start your business, you have to advertise it on all social media platforms. Users will be eager to know more about the app. Release it after a few days, and the users will start pouring in. Provide introductory offers and discounts to the people.

Collaboration with retailers:

A great idea to gain more customers is to collaborate with retailers. They would have already acquired a set of customers. You can team up with them and develop your business.

What are the features of a Dunzo app?

An app like Dunzo should have the following list of features that will help the service provider in offering a good user experience.


The user, administrator, and the delivery executive will need separate panels to log in. The options available in the panel will differ based on the role.

Live tracking:

The user and the delivery executive should be able to track each other’s location. The user will be able to know when the executive will arrive with their order. The delivery agent will know how to reach the user’s location with the help of the location specified.

Multiple requests:

The facility to place multiple orders simultaneously from the same account is possible. This will help the customers buy everything they want at the same time.

Payment gateways:

There should be multiple gateways available in the app, so the customer can pay easily for the requests they place. If you are launching your business in a single region, then make sure that you include the local payment gateway.


Notifications can be sent for various purposes. For instance, when a user places a request, the updates of the order can be sent to them via push notifications. Other offers and rewards can also be notified through email or push notifications.

Estimated delivery cost and time:

The app must calculate the estimated cost for delivery. This will help the customer place the order based on the cost. A specific time or the estimated delivery time should be notified to the customer.

Multi-lingual support:

The app should be available in several languages. Users from different parts of the world might use your app. So, you have to ensure that the app is provided in multiple languages.

Subscription packages:

Provide user-friendly subscription or membership packages for the users. With this package, they should be able to avail discounts and additional rewards.

Sharing information:

A facility to share the details of the order with friends or family should be available in the app. Sharing can be done via hyperlinks.

In-app Advertisements:

Displaying ads is an additional leverage. Team up with several companies and host their ads on your app. They will pay a fixed rate for each of the ads displayed. This will be a constant source of income.

Technical assistance:

Allow the customers to contact you via phone or email. If they have any queries to be resolved, they should be able to get in touch with the technical team easily. Their concerns must be addressed as soon as possible.

To conclude:

In the market, many app development companies have started providing on-demand apps such as Gojek Clone, Dunzo, and more. But, only a few companies deliver an effective output. So, it becomes crucial for business persons who need professional app development services to research the market thoroughly and go for the company that fits their needs. Along with customization services, several companies also assist their customers in launching the app on app stores and offer technical guidance after the app launch. Reach out to one such company for the development of your on-demand delivery app.

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